Some Viruses Could Survive on Children’s Toys for Hours and Cause Infection, Study Finds

ATLANTA—Certain viruses, such as influenza, could survive on children’s toys long enough to result in exposures, placing children at risk for getting infectious diseases, according to researchers at Georgia State University.

The researchers tested how long an enveloped virus could survive on pieces of a flexible plastic children’s toy, a squeaking frog. They were… more »

New Class of Protein Could Treat Cancer and Other Diseases, Georgia State Researchers Find

Posted On May 31, 2016
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ATLANTA—A protein designed by researchers at Georgia State University can effectively target a cell surface receptor linked to a number of diseases, showing potential as a therapeutic treatment for an array of illnesses, including cancer, according to the research team.

ProAgio, which is created from a human protein, targets the cell surface receptor integrin αVβ₃… more »

Georgia State-Led Study Paves Way for New Therapies in Fight Against Calcium Disorders

Posted On May 31, 2016
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ATLANTA—A study led by researchers at Georgia State University provides new insights into the molecular basis of human diseases resulting from mutations in the calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR), a protein found in cell membranes.

Their findings, published Friday (May 27) in the journal Science Advances, may assist in the development of novel receptor-based… more »