Imagery an Effective Way to Enhance Memory, Reduce False Memories, Psychology Study Finds

Posted On April 11, 2016
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ATLANTA—Using imagery is an effective way to improve memory and decrease certain types of false memories, according to researchers at Georgia State University.

Their study examined how creating images affected the ability to accurately recall conceptually related word lists as well as rhyming word lists. People who were instructed to create images of the… more »

Blind Adults Learn Native Gesture Patterns by Learning to Speak a Language, Researchers Find

ATLANTA–Adults who have been blind since birth use gestures similar to those used by sighted adults speaking the same language, despite never having seen these gestures as children, a researcher at Georgia State University and her colleagues have found.

The study, “Is Seeing Gesture Necessary to Gesture Like A Native Speaker?” was… more »

Genetics and Brain Regions Linked to Sex Differences in Anxiety-Related Behavior in Chimpanzees

ATLANTA—Genetics and specific brain regions are linked to sex differences in chimpanzees’ scratching behavior, a common indicator of anxiety in humans and others primates, according to a research study led by Georgia State University that shows chimpanzees can be models of human mental illness.

The researchers investigated genetic and neuroanatomical links to individual variation… more »