Chimpanzees Show Ability To Plan Route In Mazes, Indicating Capacity To Plan For The Future

ATLANTA—Chimpanzees are capable of some degree of planning for the future, in a manner similar to human children, while some species of monkeys struggle with this task, according to researchers at Georgia State University, Wofford College and Agnes Scott College.

Their findings were published on March 23 in the Journal of Comparative Psychology.

The study… more »

Study Finds Chimps Can Use Gestures To Communicate In Their Hunt For Food

Remember the children’s game “warmer/colder,” where one person uses those words to guide the other person to a hidden toy or treat? Well, it turns out that chimpanzees can play, too.

Researchers at Georgia State University’s Language Research Center examined how two language-trained chimpanzees communicated with a human experimenter… more »

Researchers Find Chimps, Like People, Can Be Fooled into Overeating

Many of us can think of a time when we’ve eaten more food than we wanted, especially around the holidays.

Now, research at Georgia State University shows chimpanzees also suffer from this common human problem – their eyes can fool their stomachs.

Over-eating sometimes is linked to our perceptual system, which can trick us into… more »