Georgia State University Opens New Institute for Biomedical Sciences

Georgia State’s new Institute for Biomedical Sciences has opened with a mission of advancing research that improves human health, as well as educating and training future generations of leading biomedical scientists and health professionals.

In this Q&A with Georgia State research writer LaTina Emerson, founding director more »

Key Pathway to Stop Dangerous Inflammation Discovered by Georgia State Researchers

ATLANTA – A potential new strategy to developing new drugs to control inflammation without serious side effects has been found by Georgia State University researchers and international colleagues.

Jian-Dong Li, director of Georgia State’s Center for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection, and his team discovered that blocking a certain pathway involved in the biological process of… more »

Georgia State Researcher Gets $3.4 Million Grant to Develop Flu, RSV Vaccine Technology

ATLANTA – Sang-Moo Kang, associate professor at Georgia State University’s Center for Inflammation, Immunity and Infection, has received a federal five-year, $3.4 million grant to bolster research that will lead to better flu vaccines and vaccines against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a disease for which there is no vaccine.