Researcher Receives $1.2 Million to Create Real-Time Seismic Imaging System

Posted On October 6, 2014
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ATLANTA—Dr. WenZhan Song, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Georgia State University, has received a four-year, $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation to create a real-time seismic imaging system using ambient noise.

This imaging system for shallow earth structures could be used to study and monitor the sustainability of the… more »

Research Shows Human Sense Of Fairness Evolved To Favor Long-Term Cooperation

Posted On September 18, 2014
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ATLANTA—The human response to unfairness evolved in order to support long-term cooperation, according to a research team from Georgia State University and Emory University.

Fairness is a social ideal that cannot be measured, so to understand the evolution of fairness in humans, Dr. Sarah Brosnan of Georgia State’s departments of Psychology and Philosophy, the Neuroscience… more »

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