Chimpanzees Capable Of Metacognition, Can Adjust Behavior Accordingly, Research Shows

Posted On June 9, 2015

ATLANTA—Chimpanzees are capable of metacognition, or thinking about one’s own thinking, and can adjust their behavior accordingly, researchers at Georgia State University, Agnes Scott College, Wofford College and the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York have discovered.

Their findings, published June 6 in the journal Cognition, suggest chimpanzees share with humans the… more »

New Research Shows Ability To Delay Gratification Linked To Connection Of Specific Brain Structures

ATLANTA—The ability to delay gratification in chimpanzees is linked to how specific structures of the brain are connected and communicate with each other, according to researchers at Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University.

Their findings were published June 3 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

This study provides the first… more »

Caitlin Dooley Named Deputy Superintendent For Georgia Department Of Education

Posted On June 4, 2015
Categories Campus News

ATLANTA–Georgia State University Associate Professor Caitlin Dooley has been named deputy superintendent for curriculum and instruction for the Georgia Department of Education.

Dooley will take a one-year leave of absence from her faculty position in Georgia State’s College of Education to fill this new role, which will involve leading a statewide early literacy initiative.

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