Rewired Visual Input to Sound-Processing Part of the Brain Leads to Compromised Hearing

Posted On August 22, 2012 by Jeremy Craig
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ATLANTA – Scientists at Georgia State University have found that the ability to hear is lessened when, as a result of injury, a region of the brain responsible for processing sounds receives both visual and auditory inputs.

Yu-Ting Mao, a former graduate student under Sarah L. Pallas, professor of neuroscience, explored how the brain’s ability… more »

Georgia State University Wins Copyright Case

ATLANTA—Georgia State University has prevailed in a precedent-setting lawsuit that will help determine the future of copyright law in the digital age.

A federal judge ruled Friday that the university was attempting to comply with copyright laws and did not deliberately infringe on trio of textbook publishers’ copyrights. Senior U.S. District Judge Orinda Evans also… more »

Physicists Explore Properties of Electrons in Revolutionary Material

Posted On August 13, 2012 by Jeremy Craig

ATLANTA – Scientists from Georgia State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology have found a new way to examine certain properties of electrons in graphene – a very thin material that may hold the key to new technologies in computing and other fields.

Ramesh Mani, associate professor of physics at GSU, working in collaboration… more »