Model UN Team Wins Awards in Turkey

ATLANTA — Georgia State University’s Model United Nations Team can now add “International Award Winners” to its bio.

Eighteen students from the Model United Nations team traveled to their first overseas conference in Manavgat, Turkey, on March 5-9. Thirteen students won awards for their work representing countries, including Russia, the Republic of Cape Verde and Turkey.

“This level of success makes us proud to represent GSU as a university, which is making so many strides each and every day to be so successful and resourceful,” said Raya Siddiqi, head delegate for the GSU Model UN Team. “To be so successful abroad got me very excited to see all the hard work the delegates put forth paid off and that we are continuing to uphold the level of excellence and legacy of our program.”

To prepare for the trip to Turkey, the team spent long hours studying each country’s history, profiles and foreign policies. Each student also had to submit a position paper to attend the conference. “I think a lot of the delegates on my team thoroughly enjoyed representing Turkey in Turkey,” Siddiqi said. “It was a great experience as a majority of the other delegates in their respective committees were of Turkish backgrounds who were really excited to hear and see how Georgia State represented their country of origin.”

Siddiqi represented Russia in the General Assembly Third committee, which deals with social, humanitarian and cultural issues.

“It was interesting to hear about the different perspectives delegates in my committee had on the issues we had up for debate such as discrimination based on race, gender and religion, which is an issue every country has something to offer dialogue over,” she said.

In April, the team will represent Russia at the National Model UN conference in New York.

The winners are:
For representing Turkey:
Zain Malik – Outstanding Delegate, UN General Assembly 1st Committee
Sofia Siraj – Outstanding Delegate Awards, UN General Assembly 3rd Committee
Kimmia Salehi – Outstanding Delegate Awards, UN General Assembly 6th Committee
Carrie Iacomini – Outstanding Delegate Awards, World Health Organization
Jennifer Breedon – Outstanding Delegate Awards, UN Security Council
Fahad Chowdhury – Outstanding Delegate Awards, Future NATO
Katherine Van Marter – Honorable Mention, G-20 Summit

For representing Russia:
Sarah Casiano – Outstanding Delegate UN, General Assembly 4th Committee
James Leung – Outstanding Delegate, World Health Organization
Rania Renno – Honorable Mention, UN General Assembly 6th Committee
Scott Leavitt – Honorable Mention, Historical UN Security Council

For representing the Republic of Cape Verde:
Allison Renyi – Honorable Mention, African Union In International Court of Justice
Gregory Goll – Best Justice

March 21, 2012