Despite Smokefree Air Act, Smoking Allowed In More Restaurants And Bars In Georgia, Research Shows

ATLANTA–Despite the passage of Georgia’s Smokefree Air Act in 2005, the number of restaurants and bars that allow smoking has doubled in recent years, according to researchers at Georgia State University’s School of Public Health.

Researchers found a significant number of restaurant and bar owners have taken advantage of exemptions in the laws… more »

Researchers Discover New Enzyme, Could Lead To Relief Of Worldwide Vitamin A Deficiency

Posted On June 15, 2015
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ATLANTA — A research team’s discovery of new information about how plants synthesize carotenoids, precursors for vitamin A that are essential for plant development and survival, and human health, could help scientists increase the levels of provitamin A in food crops and reduce global vitamin A deficiency.

The World Health Organization estimates 250 million children… more »